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Inexpensive T1 Services usually cost around $500 though there are some companies that offer prices as low as $149 and as high as over a $1000. The first thing to take into mind when choosing a T1 service provider is what features are needed for the application of the cheap T1 line. There are five different kinds of T1 so it is important to check which sort of T1 service is needed as well as check to make sure the company chosen offers that sort of services. The first kind is an integrated T1 line


This allows voice as well as data to be sent over the same line. A fractional T1 service is where the provider offers shared channels on that line that is already in place in the area. This means the company will not be getting as much power out of the line because it is being shared with other businesses. Its cheaper cost however is ideal for smaller companies.

 The third sort of t1 service providers available is a private line. Private T1 lines are typical installed when a business wants to set up its own private VPN network to communicate with other offices off location. Another T1 service commonly offered are voice T1 lines. These are designed to be used in applications such as a call center or a telemarketing company. The final sort of cheap t1 service provider available is a dynamic T1. A dynamic T1 is similar to an integrated line, but it can change how many channels are allocated to data or voice at one time. For example if a phone call is placed on the line it will real locate some channels for the phone call and when the call is done it will reallocate the channels back to data.